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The Beginning of Adventure: The Birth Story of Koli Wild

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Amidst the magnificent landscapes of Koli, stories and adventures abound, but one story rises above the rest – the birth story of Koli Wild. In this article, we delve deeper into the story of Koli Wild and explore how this passion for nature and adventure created one of Finland’s most beloved tourism companies.

 Passion for Nature

The story of Koli Wild began with a passion for nature and a desire to share the magnificent nature of Koli with the world. The company’s founders, passionate adventurers and nature lovers, wanted to create experiences that would take people deep into the heart of nature.

The founders of Koli Wild saw an opportunity to offer unique adventures and experiences in the stunning Koli National Park. They dreamed of excursions where customers could explore the beautiful landscapes of Koli under the guidance of skilled guides and experience the power and beauty of nature in a completely new way.

The Birth of the Company

After years of passionate work and planning, Koli Wild opened its doors to adventurers from around the world. The company’s first steps were modest, but passion and vision laid the foundation for success. Koli Wild’s tours, activities, and services quickly gained popularity among adventure-seeking travelers.

Journey of Success

The story of Koli Wild has been full of adventure, challenges, and success. The company has grown from a small passion project into one of Finland’s most respected tourism companies. They have collaborated with local stakeholders, cherished nature, and offered unforgettable experiences to thousands of travelers around the world.

On the Horizon of the Future

The company continues to plan and offer new adventures, and their passion for nature and adventure only grows stronger over the years. In the future, they intend to continue writing their story and inspire people around the world to find the joy of adventure in the breathtaking landscapes of Koli.